36 years of crawling:plight of the disabled, Mwingi


A quick look at this young lady, one would shed a tear. Crawling is her day to day form of movement.


Have you ever imagined spending your youth crawling on your knees and being considered an outcast in the society?


This has ever been the fate of most disabled children in the interior parts of Mwingi in Kitui County, with many parents hiding their children who are abled differently in their homes and ignorance on whether such children have rights just like any other normal person forming their main shortcoming.


Very rough knees and hands resulting from crawling for over 36 years due lack of an essential assistive device like a wheelchair can be used to describe Peninah Kalimi, a disabled lady from Kikunu area in Mumoni Subcounty, Kitui.

This is just one example of how tough it has been for persons living with disability in the remote parts of Mwingi north sub-county.


But all has not been lost for her, for the first time in the past 35 years; Kalimi yesterday got a chance of riding on a wheel chair courtesy of a local pastor turned philanthropist, who was touched by the plight of the young suffering lady after he saw her crawling from their shamba on the ever stony parts of Mwingi.


According to the lady’s brother Mwema Maluki, it is a great reprieve for their eldest sister who has been disabled since birth, as now she would be able to move around without any big ado.


“We are very excited after receiving a wheelchair for our sister who has had major difficulties while moving,” excited Mwema said


Muema stated that the wheelchair will be of great aid to his sister who is very hardworking and also helps them raise their children while at home.


Pastor Peter Muthui who donated the wheelchair to the disabled lady urged the government to chip and if possible to send its officers on the ground to do assessment and registration of the disabled children, as most parents are still keeping such children hidden in their homes without any efforts to help them due to some cultural beliefs considering such children bad omen in their families.


“I plead with both governments to swiftly step in to rescue the disabled persons who are mostly hidden at homes by sending officers to assess them so that they can enjoy benefits others in advanced areas are enjoying,” pointed out Peter


Mr. Muthui also said that registering disabled children with the National Council for Persons Living with Disability has ever been a tedious process for people living in the remote parts of Mwingi as hospitals where assessment can be done are few and parents have to travel for long distances alongside their children for such services.


Kalimi, whose words could hardly come out clearly was very thankful and in addition sang a praise song, this clearly describing her joy.

If the case of one Peninah Kalimi is anything to go by, disabled people from Mwingi have been going through a lot in their daily life and only the National and County government can address their plight by ensuring that services intended for them reach them appropriately.




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