Ngilu Govt Is A Circus, Clueless – Amb. Kiema Kilonzo


Kenyan Ambassador to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo has come out guns blazing to unearth the fraud and circus that is Governor Ngilu’s administration.


Speaking yesterday at a burial in Nzambani, Kiema said the county government had lost sync with the needs of Kitui residents and engaged in a spree of pathetic theatrics.

He loudly wondered why the administration had engaged in what he termed “funny” projects while residents grappled with age-old problems such as water scarcity and food shortage.


This government has no clue what the people of Kitui really want. There’s nothing to show except weird projects that bear no benefit for mwananchi,” he lamented amid a thunderous applause from the mourners.


He tore at the ndengu revolution, Artificial Insemination and beekeping initiatives which he said gulped millions and millions of taxpayers’ money in the name of wealth creation but failed terribly.


Why should the county government tell me to hung beehives or plant ndengu instead of providing food and water? What’s so new about beekeeping and ndengu in Kitui?” posed a visibly amused and equally perplexed Kiema.


Kiema, who has hinted at dethroning the embattled Ngilu come 2022, said it was high time for change of guard in the county leadership, to which the congregation responded in the affirmative.


We can’t have a government that plays deaf and blind to the needs of the electorate. All Ngilu’s administration does is push whatever projects it desires down the throat of Kitui people. Public participation is unheard of,” he pointed out.


Kiema’s entrance into the 2022 gubernatorial race, in which pioneer Governor Julius Malombe is expected to make a major comeback, will definitely complicate Ngilu’s reelection equation especially given her wanting development record, political pundits have opined.

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