‘lazy’ contractor in tight spot over delayed road project


Contractor awarded tender to upgrade rural roads in Kyome, Thaaana ward might kiss his job goodbye.


This is after a ward legislator went ahead to moot plans to seeking to chase away the lazy contractor from the site.

The area MCA, Alex Wambua has hammered out that he is ready to gang up his people to stage a peaceful protest against the contractor if the work rate is not going to get accelerated.

Wambua said that he shall not sit back and watch the 50 kilometre road section in his ward being attended to at a tortoise pace despite the fact that the county has set aside enough funds to complete the road projects across the wards.The MCA added that the only remaining option to adopt shall be to revoke the tender and award it to a different contractor.

He has urged the County Department of Roads and Infrastructure to consider the current situation at the site and hold talks with the contractor to find a way to speed up the project.

Pointing out to the challenges the residents are passing through, the sad assembly member slammed the ministry for not initiating any plans to quicken the countywide road projects.

He has further issued a three days ultimatum to the county ministry of roads to initiate a dialogue with the contractor to put into table the projects schedule for Thaana ward failure to which he shall rally the ward residents to forcefully evict the contractor.

Wambua has also warned the contractor that the tender shall be at risk if the roads shall not be well watered before, during and after the upgrade.

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