Open Letter To Ngilu: What Became Of Your Promise To Kitui Youth?

Pregnant School girl / Courtesy

Dear Madam Governor,

I may not have a photographic memory but I vividly remember how you mischievously duped Kitui youth into voting for you in August 8, 2017.

You shamelessly traversed the county and took to podiums to lie how, if elected as the Governor, you would make it your priority to empower the youth with skills and jobs.

Madam, you promised girls who, out of ignorance, dropped out of school to get married that your administration would take them back to school as part of your agenda to empower women.

In the same breath, you swore to ensure assorted jobs and income generating activities for every jobless young man and woman across Kitui.

But that never came to pass or did it? It was among your other many lies which you cleverly disguised as a manifesto!

If am not wrong no deserving youth was taken to school or employed as per your promise.

Only sons and daughters of your cronies and Makueni relatives have riddled your office and the various ministries.

Your handlers won’t dare tell you the truth about your quickly diminishing support base in the entire county.

Your apparent failure to deliver on your promises – food, water, improved healthcare, youth and women empowerment, and wealth creation – has left residents cursing and sworn to vote you out in 2022.

The ground is poisonous and hostile and you better rethink your moves before its too late to redeem your doomed administration.

Why have you turned on the very people who put their faith in you and voted you into Kitui’s top office?

What do you stand to gain from the blatant betrayal, Madam Governor?

Why did you dupe us into voting for you?

That said, I can only hope that you haven’t forgotten your promises and still plan to make them good.

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