Who Really Owns Stone Crusher At Kwa Kilui in Kitui Rural?


The insincerity surrounding ownership of the so called “community stone crusher” installed at Kwa Kilui has stirred up untold agitation among the people of Kitui Rural.


The spiralling debate and war of words between the community and the county executive has led to more questions than answers.


While Ngilu has continually held that the crusher belongs to the local community, it is still an enigma to the residents why she has totally refused to allow them full control or even explain how it will benefit them.


Ownership of the controversial crusher, which is reportedly poised to supply ballast for ongoing construction of the multi-billion Thwake Dam, is one thing Ngilu has clearly been at pains to explain making locals even more suspicious.


The community has not taken the mind games lightly and last Saturday assembled to tell Ngilu off.


Without mincing words, the residents led by former area MP Charles Nyamai, told Ngilu to stop taking them for fools and threatened to block operation of the crusher until she comes clean with them.


Let her tread carefully lest the crusher ‘crushes’ her. We demand to know who really owns this thing and of what benefit it will be to us. Tell her to look for fools elsewhere because we are very vigilant,” said Nyamai.


Coming clean on ownership of the crusher is the only way the county government will put the ghosts surrounding its setup to rest.


Besides, there should be a well-formulated policy framework to guide operation of the crusher as well as appropriation of revenue realized.

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