Who has Ngilu’s “game changers” changed except herself?

Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu adressing youths at a past event in Kitui town

The chaos and acrimony witnessed at Kwa Kilui in Yatta/Kwa Vonza ward on Saturday left many asking big questions about Ngilu’s government.

As for me one question has stuck in my mind. Who has Ngilu’s “game changers” changed except herself?

Ngilu is steeped in acrimonious controversies with her electorate, the same vote block that fanatically voted for her and rejected well known and time tested, excellent managers of public affairs. Men known to be near perfectionist to a fault, steely, honest, result oriented bureaucrats who have have sound and respected public service careers behind them.

Former Governor Dr. Julius Malombe and former Senator David Musila have much in common: no nonsense, honest, perfectionist, brilliant, thorough and sticklers of law and procedure.

But they lacked one thing: the sweet lying tongue of political manipulators, the inability to stir up false hope and build heaven on earth, utopian feelings for which Ngilu has unbeatable mastery. They preferred the hard, bitter truth matched with the sobriety of an eagle.

Surprisingly, although her political history is dominated by controversy and demeaning reputation, Ngilu beat them flat at everything. Not even a court battle could outwit her.

How then Ngilu got so fast into this mess with her previously fanatic following is astounding!

Take a flashback.

Immediately she was sworn in, she dived into work, launching water distribution tankers to all water scarce areas under the county wide Water Scarcity Alleviation Programme. She refused to spent sh6 million set by National Treasury for swearing-in ceremony and claimed she would rather inject the cash into the water initiative. Plastic water tanks were procured, and distributed, at least 97 boreholes were identified for revival and on health high sounding partnerships for health service improvement were crafted and signed with great excitement. She dished chapati to all of us and refused red carpet reception, VIP dinners and all forms executive pomp and wastefulness.

Voila! All Kitui was energized with new hope, and sang hallelujah. She endeared herself to both friend and foe as truly Mama County and saviour.

But today, her relationship with voters is a pale shadow of her August 2017 glory and flamboyance. At no time in her long political career has she been overwhelmed with complaints, acrimony, ridicule and bitter criticism – from social media platforms to common conversations in bars and pubs, bus parks, inside matatus and on bodaboda rides, tea joints or village village firesides.

What is happening to our grand liberator of yesterday? Has she reached her political road end?

What’s the problem with her promised development game changers that kept voters’ hope fresh and high?

Why have they suddenly turned to be her curse?

Why have they turned barren and impotent and only fertile grounds for incompetence, acrimony, hopelessness, frustration, wastefulness and graft?

Why has our iron lady become a lame duck, unable to deliver on any of her promises?

There is no other explanation.

But just this.

Behind all this development façade, were hidden cleverly crafted plans to loot.

For example, in her own admission when she met sub county agricultural and water officers last year at ATC, she lamented that a whooping sh160 million was stolen. Reject tanks, shoddy workmanship, exaggerated costs, failure to complete projects as stipulated in Bill of Quantities (BQs) and all kinds of thievery left a giant sh160 million lost.

Alas. After that a looting frenzy and the construction of a kleptocracy began.

Now take a ride into her multi million game changers that came thereafter and find out what change they have delivered to anybody but herself.

Look and tell yourself how you or your next door neighbour has benefitted from the changers?

Has your game changed? How is your life now and before?

What change are you witnessing in your village, ward or sub county in these two financial years under Ngilu?

What do you hear most about her development project (s) near you or farther away? What are your neighbours saying?

Now compare and contrast these Ngilu “game changers” now and before her entry as Governor?

Come with me!

The Ngilu Multi- Million Game Changers

1. Water Scarcity Alleviation Programme
2. The Ndengu Revolution
3. Kitui Miss Tourism for Youth Empowerment
4. The Kitui Sevens (Rugby) Games
5. KChic
6. Kikotec
7. The Cattle Transportation Trucks
8. The Animal Bank Project
9. The Cotton Farming Revival Project
10. The Kunguni Project
11. The Mianda Horticultural Project
12. The Cattle Insemination Project
13. The Coal Mining Plan
14. The Livestock Traders Cooperative Society
15. The Kitui Contractors Sacco
16. The Bush Clearing Project
17. The Beekeeping and Honey Value Chain Project
18. The Chicken Value Chain Project
19. The Stone Crusher Project
20. Artisanal miners Training
21. Training of Tailors at Trendy Links College and Driving School in Nakuru
22. Kitui County Professionals database
23. Any other you may know.

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