Kora National Park launch preparations to honor Father of Lions

George Adamson's home


Kora National Park which lies along the border between Kitui and Tana River counties has launched preparations for the annual event to honor the late George Adamson, who is known by many as the father of lions for his role in conservation of lions.

George Adamson was killed in 1989 by armed bandits at Kora National Park where he had domesticated a herd of lions.

The annual event which will be held on from 30th August this year is meant to inform Kenyans about the role of Mr. Adamson in the protection of wildlife, camping for leisure and trying to get the daily feel of the ‘father of lions’ in engaging in some of the activities that the late George Adamson is said to have been doing on daily bases while in Kora.

According to the chief warden in the Meru conservation areas, which include; Meru National Park, Kora Nationa Park and Mwingi game reserve Bakari Chongwa, they decided to prepare quite early this year in order to ensure that they make the event livelier and attract as many Kenyans as possible.

Mr. Chongwa said that contributions made by George Adamson ought to be celebrated by all Kenyans, owing to the fact that he died while trying to protect the wild cat.

“I invite all Kenyans to join us celebrate the father of lions who was a friend to the lions and met his death while protecting them,” said Chongwa

Paul Omondi who is the Warden in charge of Kora Nationa Park and Mwingi game reserve said that this year more than 300 guests from within the country and the international community are expected to grace the event.

Anam Echari who is the CEO of Elsamare which is one of the key partners in the August event said that his organization was determined in ensuring that the work which George Adamson did goes on and that the wildlife is protected and more Kenyans get to learn more about wildlife conservation.



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