I’m Tired Of Your Corrupt Govt, Mbaki Mbaki Tells Ngilu


Governor Ngilu’s woes have escalated further after one of her closest allies John Kisangau ‘Mbaki Mbaki’ broke ranks with her administration over what he termed patent graft and incompetence.


The Yatta/Kwa Vonza Ward Rep, who was elected on Ngilu’s Narc party ticket, said he would not sell his soul to the devil in the name of political loyalty while his electorate suffered absolute neglect by Ngilu’s administration.


“Tell Ngilu that I will defend the interests of my voters no matter what! I refuse to blindly support a government that has no agenda for Kitui people,” he declared at a wedding in his Ward on Saturday.


The embittered leader said blatant misappropriation and theft of public funds had become order of the day in the current regime and expressed skepticism in its vacuous commitment to serve Kitui residents.


“All the Executive has been doing is asking for more and more money from the county assembly yet there’s no single project to show for all the billions approved by MCAs.


“For instance, in the March supplementary budget we approved a billion shillings to be spend on CLIDP, construction of dams and classes in all the 40 wards but nothing has happened while the Executive has remained tight-lipped,” Mbaki Mbaki lamented.


His sentiments came barely a day after the county assembly rejected yet another supplimentary budget citing numerous loopholes for corruption and non-adherence to the Public Finance Management Act of 2012.


In a charged debate presided over by Speaker George Ndoto, the MCAs on Thursday set their political affiliations aside and teamed up to shoot down the supplementary budget bill which sought to divert development funds to recurrent expenditure.


The ward reps, led by Majority and Minority leaders Peter Kilonzo Tangawizi (Wiper) and Mbaki Mbaki (Narc) unanimously resolved that it was high time to stand with musangi and weed out graft in the Executive.


“Two years have elapsed since the county government was elected into office but there’s nothing to show yet billions of shillings have been spent!” lamented the waheshimiwas.


“The re-allocation of development funds to pay workers is not allowed. If the recurrent expenditure is not checked, there will be no development in this county Mr Speaker! Mr Speaker I’m losing confidence with this government,” roared Mbaki Mbaki amidst thunderous foot-stamping from colleagues.


While rejecting the supplementary budget, Tangawizi also expressed concern over Finance CEC Mary Nguli’s derisive demeanor towards the honourable house and called for appropriate action.


Whether the MCAs will resist or survive Ngilu’s crafty schemes to compromise their resolve to defend interests of the residents and hold the Executive to account, time will tell.

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