Troubles of widowers after loved ones loose lives to crocodiles, Mwingi

Kilonzo Muthui,widower

A peaceful chilly morning on March 13/2019 drastically turned sorrowful after villagers of Katithini area of Mumoni nward, Mwingi North sub-county of Kitui woke to devastating news of the passing on one Anna Kilonzo.


As it is the norm in Ukambaniand most arid areas, the middle aged woman had left her children asleep to rush to a nearby dam to fetch water.


Unknown to herself and to anyone else, she would not return to her dear family. Annah was bitten by a crocodile on her right leg while fetching water.


Muthui Kilonzo, husband to late Annah Kilonzo sorrowfully narrated how the past months have been devastating after burying his wife.


‘Things have changed for worse after losing my wife to a crocodile bite that cold morning,” disturbed Muthui recalled


Muthui also added that he was unable to resume to his working place for he has no one to leave his three children with.


“I cannot go back to the city to work for my children because I have no one at home and I can’t leave them alone. Life has also proved difficult since I am not working,” he further stated


In addition, Muthui urged Kenya Wildlife Service to speed up compensation exercise so that it can be easier for him to concentrate on other issues.


“I can hardly do something else while my wife’s compensation case has not been sorted and so I urge kws to swiftly act,” urged the father of three.


Esther Munyoki, another resident who lost her child in 2002 at the dam following a deadly bite by the same reptile. 17 years down the line, she has never been compensated.


“The memories of my baby who was attacked by a crocodile while fetching water directly from the dam gives me sleepless nights,”narrated Esther


After the recent deadly bite, Kitui county government issued 7 water cages to each water fetching point in order to curb lives lost at the dam.


“We have always had very tough times fetching water in Kiambere dam and our lives have been at risk but we are thankful after seeing the cages which will ensure safety while fetching water,”delighted Esther said



“We appreciate the county government for temporarily solving our water challenge and we expect more to ensure that we are fully safe while fetching water for our families,”Muthui the widower said.


Agnes Muthoka, the area Chief was grateful for the occasion which to her translated into safety ways especially for women to fetch water.


Several lives have been lost at Kiambere dam after its completion in 1987.







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