We will Impeach you since you cannot stomach development in Kitui, Ngilu told 


Impeachment terms have yet again filled the air in Kitui after several Mcas accused Governor Ngilu of her inability to stomach developments.

Led by Nuu Mca, Alex Musili, Governor Ngilu should be prepared to face tough county legislators if she fails to implement the budget passed by the Assembly last week.

According to the Jubilee elected Mca, Ngilu should carry her own cross this time and face the music for Musangi is tired.

“Residents are tired of suggesting projects during public participation forums yet they are never done,”

” I want to categorically state that Mcas have done their part in passing FY 2019 /20120 budget that comprises of Ksh.40 million development funds in each ward, ” he added

Alex said that it is upon Ngilu to implement the budget  because they cannot sit and watch five years of total ‘nonsense’.

” The only thing we have seen is impregnating cows and  Kicotec that was never passed in the Assembly, we are in the third year now and Nuu ward has seen no touch of devolution,” complained the Mca.

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