KWS vow to flash out camel herders from Kora National Park



The Kenya wildlife service (KWS) has vowed to flash out all camel herders who have invaded Kora and Meru National parks with hundreds of camels.

Kora National Park has for years remained the hideout for camel herders once they face resistance from Kitui, or even sometimes when they commit crime along the border between Kitui and Tana River counties.

Speaking on an Interview at Kora Nationa Park, the Chief warden in Charge of Meru and Kora National parks Bakari Chongwa warned farmers who are grazing their livestock inside the game park and nearby game reserves that they would stand to lose when a planned operation to flash out them kicks off.

“An operation to evict herders from the park will soon be conducted and they will be on the losing end if they do not vacate now,” warned Bakari

Mr. Chongwa said that currently Kora National Park is facing enormous challenges from the camel herders who have made the national park insecure, owing to the fact that it was in the park that George Adamson who had started a Lion conservancy was killed by armed bandits.

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“Kora park has experience such interferences for quite long and it is time they leave,” pointed out the Senior warden

The warden urged all farmers from either Kitui or Tana River counties to take off their animals from the park the soonest possible or else they would only have themselves to blame.



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