Kitui MCAs Gobble up sh.21 million above specified limit for travel

Kitui County Assembly Chambers

Members of the Kitui County Assembly {35} will have to refund the over sh.450,000 they illegally pocketed each as allowances in the needless foreign trips that pundits feel are not beneficial to the residents.


In a move to avoid getting into bad books with the EACC and the public wrath, the MCAs will have to pay a sum of shillings 450,000 each squandered on the inessential trips in the last financial year 2018/19 {An additional sh.21,378,815 inclusive of conference and accommodation fees}.


Sources privy to KituiOnline confirmed that no MCA has paid back the notorious allowances to the public kitty.

A report from the assembly dated May, 15th 2019, indicates that an additional sh.21,378,815 was spent on foreign travel and subsistence and other transportation costs.( 450k each of the 35 MCAs plus accommodation and conference fees )

County Assembly Budget Re-Allocation, by County Clerk
County Assembly Budget Re-Allocation, by County Clerk


Letter submitted by clerk to County Minister for Finance for the reallocation was replied on condition that the 21Million would be regularised in the supplementary budget which was shot down by the assembly.

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County Minister for finance, response

According to the report, the MCAs visited Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Canada though the honorable members have not yet tabled any recommendations on the floor of the house begging the reason why such lavish trips occurred.


In October 2018, Devolution Principal Secretary Charles Sunkuli moved to reduce wasteful spending in counties after issuing guidelines restricting foreign travel by MCAs.


The latest report by the Auditor General indicates that MCAs are illegally earning sitting allowances while others are exploiting the domestic and local travel avenue to earn more


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