Ngilu’s failed regime; only supported by WhatsApp bandits and opinion hawkers

More than 50 motor bike operators in Kitui town have benefited from the training.

A sycophant is and individual who is always willing to tell the king sweet lies and no, hear and tell no bad to their ear of the mighty even when their ugly thighs are barely exposed to the multitude.


With two years of zero development, characterized by zero meaningful developments which is always of spontaneous nature (not planned for), the ground for Kitui governor has almost totally shifted.


It all started with the highly hyped Sh. 320 million Ndengu revolutions where Kitui farmers were hoodwinked into planting solely green grams on their farm, on a fake promise that the county government would purchase them at the best price in the market of sh. 100.


Sad enough, when Ngilu toured Masyungwa accompanied by Cabinet secretary in the ministry of Devolution Eugene Wamalwa on a market day, Ndengu was trading to a meager price of sh. 35 and she never even bothered to purchase even a 90 Kg ‘Gunia’ for home use.


After Ndengu, more funny things started happening; spraying of bedbugs became a government project, then we went to the establishment of KIKOTEC based on zero legislation and later Artificial insemination. I happened to meet an innocent farmer from Mwingi who narrated to me the ordeal which their cows went through after they were injected with Viagra concoction by the county government veterinary team led by the Deputy governor Dr. Wathe Nzau.


During the same time the governor was snapped at Mutomo launching a drawing of a water tank at the expense of a 90% Kangu Kangu project which was launched by the previous regime. Also, to the dismay of Kwa Vonza Ward, a stone crusher had been dumped by the road side at a cost of sh. 80 million: What a misplace priority to the locals who have perennially suffered acute water shortages!


Animal bank, artisanal mining, coupled with zero brick and mortar development are other meaningless projects which Kitui residents never requested for during public participation in any budget.


K-chic health care program which seems to benefit residents is also another scam as the money collected for registration is unaccounted for and there is no option for referral to a different county with a bigger hospital, in case a disease can’t be managed in Kitui. Drug supply is also a major problem and some residents are being prescribed with a great deal of painkillers like “Panadol”, in the name of managing their health condition.


All these projects compared to the tangible projects which were undertaken in the previous regime, are the major reasons as to why ‘Mama Rainball’ has lost taste on the ground.


Regrets of replacing a more hands on governor Malombe with a pride filled expert less governor Ngilu have started haunting residents and you would here many saying “Ona Kava Malombe” (Its better Malombe).


Her recent war with MCAs where use of threats and intimidation has remained her best tactic is a clear evidence of her sinking ship. You know a leader is doomed to fail when she is defied even by her closest cronies like it’s happening now with the likes of “Mbaki Mbaki” the MCA for Kwa Vonza ward who is the leader of government business in the county assembly of Kitui.


Hiring of noisy WhatsApp bandits has also been another tactic for the governor; the bandits are clueless on the key agenda of the government and are only employed and fed with liquor to intimidate any sound mind who would try to correct the collapsing regime.


Presence of such WhatsApp bandits is a clear indication that the governor is not ready to earn any more votes, or she might be reading to home and retire peacefully following a successful money amercing spree.


Lucky enough, we will be in Kitui when Ngilu will lose the seat and go home unless he changes:


1. To embrace Brick and Mortar development where necessary.


2. And Fire her corrupt officials


3. To respect voters by protecting them from drunk WhatsApp bandits.


4. Adhering strictly to opinions given by resident in public participations, when undertaking any development.


Failure to observe the will of the people in her leadership, somebody tell governor Charity Ngilu that she is going home for good.



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