How social media has made sex very cheap


Gone are days when sexual indulgence was a real deal to times when it is a normal indulgence just like shaking hands.

In my own thinking, old days where mobile phones were a scarce commodity, levels of immorality were fewer compared to today where even young ones have their own androids.

Social media has largely contributed to a very ‘rotten’ society where majority of subscribers watch nasty content online and don’t mind practicing the unpleasant acts.

Online beauty queens have always had their inboxes crowded with messages from admirers in her friends list.

Hey cutie, can we meet for some quality time?,” a guy texts a fine looking lady

For those thinking quality time means having an evening chat in one of the aristocratic hotels in the cbd, you are erroneous. According to my own research, quality time means intimacy.

A friend of mine was told by her facebook friend that he wanted to make love to her, not forgetting that the two were strangers and only talked online.

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How can you get intimate with someone you haven’t met or seen?” Alice asked

“Social media has made it easy dear. When I look at your eye catching pictures, I feel like you are close to me. When do we meet for some good time?” the text read.

The trick is, since we chat online, we have made it easier that when we eventually meet, we have exhausted everything through the free Whatsapp conversations.

The question is, has sex become any other daily indulgence?










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