Mwingi, robbery with violence



A gang of about ten men raided a popular fuelling station in Mwingi town around 0230 hours.

Armed with pangas and a hammer,they attacked and tied one watchman and two station attendants .

Although they unsuccessfully attempted to break into the safe using the hammer they had, they robbed off ksh. 12,000 and a mobile phone valued at ksh.14,000 from ,Mumo Munyalo an attendant.

Joseph Mwanzia, the second attendant was alsostolen from ksh.15,000 and the watchman lost his phone valued at ksh.5,000 to the armed and dangerous men.

Before escaping on foot when a matatu stopped over to fuel, they also eloped with a ksh.1,500  M-pesa phone.

The early morning incident was confirmed by Mwingi central Deputy sub –county commander, Nicholas Mutua.


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