Senate is a duplication of roles and should be scrapped from the constitution



Mwingi Members of National Assembly have insisted on the need to do away with the Senate in the country adding it is a duplication of roles.

Led by Mwingi Central Mp, Gideon Mulyungi, he said Senate is a buzzy body that hovers around doing nothing.

The vocal Mp who was speaking at Waita market, in Waita ward within his constituency during a fund drive said that the Senate is also involving itself in roles that are not theirs like summoning Cabinet Secretaries in spite of County Executive Committee members.

“Senate oversights county executive and not cabinet secretaries,” insisted the Mp

In his own view, the senate should be done away with in the coming referendum for their main role is to impeach the President and Governors something the National Assembly can also do.

“We cannot sit and wait for when the president or Governor will be impeached, means the Senate has zero roles because impeachment of presidents and Governors are rare occurrences,” pointed out Mulyungi

Backing his sentiments on the necessity to have a single National Assembly, Mulyungi cited the case of Kitui County where corruption is rampant and nothing visible has been seen yet residents elected a Senator.

“Kitui county staffs have not been paid June salaries yet a senator is there, what is he doing? “ asked Mwingi central Mp

His counterpart from Mwingi West, Charles Nguna said that Senators have become legislative bandits who do not understand their roles and should be done away with.

Nguna who was speaking at Kiomo Secondary school in his constituency during a fund drive, insisted that Senators should oversight counties and shun involvement in the National Assembly roles.

In addition, Nguna stated that the fight of who is superior should be halted and issue counties with funds to ensure developments are not paralyzed.



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