Female Mp’s sexy photo with a younger married man raises eyebrows


Kibwezi East Mp ,Jessica Nduku Mbalu has caused a stir in most Lower Eastern WhatsApp groups after she posted a very eye catching photo in one of the public forums.

In the photo, which she immediately deleted after realizing she had washed her dirty linen in public, suggested the two, were an item.

The bedroom picture featured one Henry Malonza Kituti, a Kitui politician/businessman who is younger than the Mp seated in a very controversial position with Jessica barely dressed.

Any sharp minded grown up would definitely conclude that maybe she was sending the mind blowing photo to her man when a WhatsApp group possibly popped and terribly failed her.

Jessica, who was showing her yellow thighs seemed very contented in Kituti’s arms this being characterized by her broad sweet smile.

The second term Mp who seems to have best moments accompanied by whisky bottles on their table has left many, especially her constituents tongue tied.

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As they say, we only live once, Has Jessica decided to taste younger men?




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