Mbooni bus to be auctioned over unpaid bank loan


The awaited auction of a teachers’ union bus owned by Kenya National Union of Teachers,KNUT, Mbooni Branch has left the association unsettled on how to reverse the mind-aching matter.The union is currently suffering financial hitch and can’t afford to repay the huge loan at this trying moment.

The teachers union is currently in dilemma over pressure mounted to it by the money lender whom they owe unpaid loan dues.

This sad move comes after the union branch has failed to fully honour the loan that was secured from the bank for purchase of the union bus for the agreed period of loan lending.

Union Bus, KNUT Mbooni Branch
The signed pact by two parties however seemed not to be fulfilled and this triggered the lender to take the next action against the money borrower. The bank later decided to hand over the matter to the court after the failed several attempts to reach the union board.

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On 27th June, 2019 the money lender obtained an order from Tawa Law Courts to auction the union property to offset some of the union’s liabilities.

The bank moved to the court after the union failed to comply with the signed agreement between the two parties seeking the fulfillment of the agreement.

This paints a bad picture the branch which comes after the area leader failed to honour his promise to support the union pay the bank loan even after some of its officials became his sycophants.

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