Middle aged woman narrowly escapes death after being caught with married man,Mwingi


A middle aged woman narrowly escaped death in Itivanzou area of Mwingi North sub-county,Kitui after she was attacked by a fellow woman who claimed she had been having an affair with her husband.

The chaotic incident took place on Tuesday morning where Nduku[not her real name] appeared armed with a knife at the other woman’s house and thoroughly stabbed her before breaking her left hand.

According to area residents, the middle aged woman had been staying with Nduku’s husband and that particular day Nduku’s husband had spent the night at her place.

“This woman has been having an illicit affair with Nduku’s husband and they have tried talking over the matter to no avail. Nduku took law into her own hands and attacked her leaving her for the dead,” narrated a neighbor.

“We tried running after Nduku soon after the occurrence but she boarded a bodaboda and eloped into thin air,” Itivanzou Chief, Daniel Kilonzo said

“We then rushed the woman to Mwingi Level 4 hospital where she is receiving medical attention,” the Chief further narrated.




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