COB rejects Kitui Assembly Speaker, MCAs attempt to block disbursement of fund

Kitui County Assembly Chambers

Kitui County Speaker, clerk and Majority leader returned with egg on their face as their forays to Controller of Budget, National Treasury to block disbursement of fund is rejected.

As leaked earlier, Kitui County Assembly Speaker George Ndotto led a team of Wiper MCAs to the office of the Controller of Budget and later visited the National Treasury in an attempt to block Kitui County Government from accessing funds for Salaries for County Staff, development.

Amazingly, this also include the salary for the assembly staff.

Speaker of the county assembly and his team, who are working under the direct instructions of the Wiper party leadership, suffered a huge blow after controller of budget rejected their bid to block disbursement to the county government.

According to exclusive information obtained by our correspondent, a source that attended the meeting but requested not to be named, revealed that the COB told the entourage that the county is allowed to access 50 per cent of the budgeted amount as per the Public Finance Management Act of 2012.

Specifically, other than quoting the clauses of law, COB asked them to familiarize themselves with the high court decision in the case of Bomet County, where the court held that in the event of stalemate the county can access 50 per cent of the fund.

The team was given a dress down and the speaker advised to re-train the MCAs on budget making process.

The team led by the Mr Ndotto had told the COB of how the house altered the budget submitted by the executive to suit their agenda, hoping to support their point on why they are seeking to halt the disbursement.

To their shock, the COB lectured them on budget making process and being told budget making was a prerogative of the County Executive with the Assembly input only restricted to variations not exceeding 1%.
Having hit the dead end, and having made variation of more than 10 per cent to the budget, the loitering team was last night in a crisis meeting since the act they have done is illegality in law

The assembly had changed the budget to starve funding to key projects aimed at creating wealth and generating employment such as KIKOTEC, the textile factory, which has won the heart of many Kenyans across the country, among them President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The president in April directed that all uniforms for chiefs and their assistants be produced by KIKOTEC.

A tender to produce chief uniforms was granted and production is well on course at a facility which has employed more than 350 youths.

Instead of supporting these noble initiatives, the MCAs want to be allocated Sh40 million each. This allocation will have set back Kitui County people to a tune of about Sh1.2 billion to an assembly that has no mandate to implement development programs.

It should be remembered, the assembly is already in the news for all wrong reasons, including the recent shocking revelation that 35 MCAs are facing Sh21 million surcharge in illegally obtained taxpayers’ money for suspicious foreign trips.

This move was rejected by the governor, putting her on a collision course with the MCAs that seems to stop at nothing to satisfy their stomach.

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