Kitui: Leader Of Majority Distances Assembly From Delayed Employees’ Pay


The Leader of Majority from the County Assembly of Kitui Hon. Peter Kilonzo has slammed County Executive led by H.E Governor Charity Ngilu over employees delayed June payments.

As at now, the county employees are expected to wait longer as the administration is unable to cater for their salary bulk after the County Assembly failed to approve the Supplementary Budget.

This comes after an internal memo was circulated to the employees from the office of County Secretary notifying them about the pay delay for the previous month.

The pay delay has sprout out fresh wrangles with the employees issuing an ultimatum to the county governance to release their pay otherwise they put down the work tools and in unison stage peaceful demonstration, to push the government meet their monthly token.

“Supplementary Budget is not meant to cater for employees salaries, but rather development,” said Kilonzo.

The delayed June payment has emerged a sharp split between the County Executive and the county employees of Kitui.To date, the employees are yet to received receive their monthly pay for the previous month.

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The County Leader of Majority said the employees of Kitui are suffering the delayed payments due to the elements of misappropriation of public funds that has been noted in the funds that were set aside fir construction of water.

The MCA clarified that the refusal by the County Assembly to pass the Supplementary Budget can’t delay the employees pay since no at any given time anywhere has it been passed to cater for the employees salaries.

Hon. Kilonzo tied the bankruptcy of the administration to the mishandling of the county resources by the executive.

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