County Scraps Road Project To Meet Pending Salary Deficit

Some county roads are so poorly done they look like narrow field ready for cultivating and plowing instead of a roads.

The residents of Miambani ward in Kitui Central will have to bear with the potholes in the roads following the immediate cancellation of roads rehabilitation tender in favour of employees unpaid June salary.

The tender had already been awarded to a county based contractor awaiting the work directions from the ministry of Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development to kick off.

The cancellation of the roads tender is a big blow to Miambani residents who were expecting to reap big during and after the project.The contract was called off and the allocated funds redirected to cater for employees’ unpaid July salary.The tender had been okayed after the approval of the county’s Supplementary Budget, with the adequate allocation of funds to complete the project.

The broke county government of Kitui shortly shortchanged the roads upgrading tender that was expected to kick off soon this month for employees pay.Its one day after the county communicated its ability to release the July pay for the agitated employees.The county sought immediate interventions by Friday following the issuance of ten days ultimatum to the county government to release their July pay.

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The administration notified the release of servants pay yesterday after weeks of tough tussle between the two parties.The agitated workers had threatened to stage a massive protest to compel the county administration to release their pay.

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