Kalonzo doesn’t sit at Kitui’s assembly, get Wiper off your mouth, MCA to Ngilu

Kalonzo Musyoka shake hands with Governor Charity Ngilu during her swearing in Ceremony in Kitui.

Kitui’s Deputy Majority leader, Colleta Kimanzi has firmly told Ngilu to stop using Wiper as a scape goat following failures in her government.

According to her, Ngilu should focus on harmonizing the county by majoring on developmental plans and completely leave Wiper party out after her plans go astray.
“Kalonzo is a national figure and should not always be dragged into Kitui’s mess once Mcas disagree with her,” said Colleta.
“We fight for residents rights not because we are in Wiper,” she further stated.
Speaking at Gai, Kyuso on Sunday during a fund drive, Governor Ngilu said that Mcas have rubbished allocation of ksh. 70,000 million to ballast crusher at Kwa vonza, Kitui Rural because the crusher is not ‘Wiper’s’.
In response Colleta, who is also a Wiper Nominated Mca told Governor Ngilu to first explain why her ‘favorite illegal projects’ should be allocated more money.
‘ we will not allocate more money to Kicotec and ballast crusher till more light is shed to us. Where does the money collected from garments made in Kicotec go to? Who owns the crusher at Kwa vonza. ?’ wondered the Nominated Mca.
According to her, Ngilu should change her way of working, else everyone including the voters will be against her.
” Ngilu is majoring on programs which are’ invisible ‘ in spite of developments aiding residents.
Stating the major reasons why they declined allocating millions to the garment factory and ballast crusher, Mcas demand to know plans about Kicotec and the ballast crusher. Concerns that no one bothers to explain to them.
” Kicotec should be financially stable by now, we don’t understand why we should allocate it more money,” stated the Deputy Majority  leader.
In her opinion, Ngilu is not interested in developing the county. This being witnessed by her reluctance to support development plans.
” After we failed to allocate Kicotec and crusher the money she needed, she refused allocating ksh. 40 million in every ward for developments,” clarified Kimanzi.
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