We want nothing but the true data, Mulyungi to Enumerators

Hon. Gideon Mulyungi, Mwingi Central MP

Mwingi Central Mp Hon Dr.Gideon Mulyungi has reiterated that this year’s census should have a true data of Kenya’s population.

Only true data will help Government of Kenya in planning and equitable resources across the country.

Mulyungi admonished the enumerators and the content supervisors against giving  wrong data on the number of people counted.

Census is a very important event which determines how much money goes to each and every county.

This time around there will be no cheating on the number of people counted because there are some people who take advantage and increase their numbers with intention of getting a huge share on national resources”, said Mulyungi.

He however pointed out that the budget money was properly allocated for census exercise therefore those in charge should use the funds properly as a way of curbing corruption in the country. “This time round we want the truth because census reflects the number of people living in Kenya”, he maintained.

Speaking during a harambee function at Nguni Primary School, Mulyungi further warned those who are taking the recruitment exercise against corruption. “We are aware that the recruitment exercise is going on and I want to warn categorically those involved to be fair” he added

The legislator was addressing the allegation that some Chiefs were taking ‘kitu Kidogo’ from applicants while others were denying youths the opportunity.

He also warned them against employing the employed.

We do not want anybody who has a job to be given any another job, educated youths should be given the first priority to conduct census exercise because we have so many unemployed youths in Kenya” said Mulyungi.

Census is a constitutional event that takes place after every 10 years whose information is used to plan the provision of health care,education,employment and transport among others.

Population census also reveals the current trend of fertility and mortality, that helps to calculate growth rate and also necessary for planning social sevices.

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