We will not be counted by teachers while our youths sit home jobless, Masinga residents



Residents of Kivaa ward, Masinga Sub-county of Machakos expressed their disappointments and bitterness after majority of youths were not selected for census job.

Led by several parents, they vowed not to allow anyone employed elsewhere to come to their homes to count them.

Mama Mark,a Kithyoko resident and a mother wondered why a teacher would secure the position who has a pay slip yet their children applied for the same citing corruption to have been practiced at its highest.

“When we visited relevant offices enquiring why our children who had applied for census jobs were never shortlisted, the officials were never bothered by our questions,” the disappointed parent stated.

In addition Mama Mark said the process used in short listing was only known by the relevant officers and majority of civil servants adding those who never gave out ‘kitu kidogo’ secured no position.

Patrick Ngui, another parent said that only teachers were selected stating they will not be counted by teachers if the whole exercise will not be repeated and their youths selected for the positions advertised.

“If assistant chiefs will not repeat the whole exercise of re selecting those who will conduct the exercise, we will not allow teachers to come from school and count us yet our children are seated home jobless,” clarified Patrick

Irene Mwende, a 23 year old from the area regretted wasting time applying for an enumerator slot hoping she would secure the job but was never shortlisted.

Irene, who is a graduate and is still jobless decried graft at its peak during short listing of successful candidates wondering if youths in Kenya will ever overcome joblessness.

The area Mca,Justus Kiteng’u condemned the acts stating majority of youths who are jobless within his ward would have been given the first priority.

According to the Mca, a large number of those selected for interviews are civil servants especially teachers citing increased rate of corruption.

“Although everyone wants money, our youths should have been considered and I urge the officials in charge of the census exercise to at least be considering youths who are majorly jobless and a good number of them hold Degrees in various fields,” said Justus



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