All Naivas supermarkets butchery section in Machakos closed!

All Naivas supermarkets butchery section in Machakos closed!

All Naivas supermarkets butchery sections in Machakos have been closed indefinitely following a laboratory test that showed the presence of unfit additives in the samples taken to government laboratory.

In a statement released to the press, the Machakos County boss Dr Alfred Mutua said the action was taken to protect consumers.

“I have been given a laboratory report showing that a sample of meat sold at the Naivas supermarket at Gateway mall in Mavoko had 3,286 milligrams of an additive that should not be used on meat,” he said.

Mutua added that “I have subsequently directed that the meat/butchery sections of all Naivas stores in Machakos County be closed immediately. This is on suspicion that the supplier of meat at all Naivas supermarkets in Machakos County is the same entity.”

This comes shortly after an expose on how supermarkets have been using harmful chemicals to preserve meat was aired on a local television channel, a matter that has been disturbing to millions of meat consumers in Kenya.

The Governor further ordered that all supermarkets across Machakos County be investigated by what is to be a swift crackdown by public health personnel to ensure they comply with all public health regulations.

He assured Machakos residents the suspended sections will remain closed until a clean bill of health is granted by the county government’s department of public health.

Mutua maintained that his government will ensure that consumer rights of all residents within Machakos are protected and vowed to shut down any business or institution found to be polluting or abusing the public trust.

This comes after Nairobi Governor made a similar move following an expose that was aired by NTV #RedAlert

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