Business lady commits suicide in Machakos

Ex-police officer found murdered in his house in Machakos

A business lady committed suicide by hanging in Muusini village, Mwala sub-county of Machakos County.

The body of the middle-aged woman was found hanging from the roof of her house.

Vyulya location chief Francis Musembi confirmed the incidence and said that the lady who was identified as Susan Syombua is a businesswoman and the reason for her taking her life has not yet been established and they have not yet established the reason taking her life.

“I was notified that one woman from Muusini had hanged herself, she is a businesswoman and we have not known why she took such a drastic decision,” said Musembi.

According to the area Chief, the deceased’s body was discovered by a neighbour who had visited her.

The body was taken by Police to Machakos Level Five Hospital mortuary for preservation.

“We called the police from Masii who arrived and took the body to the mortuary as investigations commence,” he said.

The chief, however, urged the area residents to be strong and avoid giving in to suicide thoughts whenever they are faced by a problem and rather just seek counselling from counsellors and religious leaders.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, we should be strong and seek guidance and counselling when things have proven to be tough,” he advised.

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