Kitui residents resemble doubting Thomas, they want visible projects not ‘Ivelenge programs’ Mcas

Kyome Thaana mca, Alex Wambua,his counterpart from Nuu, Alex Musili and Munyoki Katonyi


Kitui ward representatives have not given in fighting for residents wants and needs that have not been met two years after Governor Ngilu ascended to power.

According to a large of member of county assembly, Musangi wants visible developments and not programs whose aim is questionable.

To back their disappointment in Ngilu’s regime, the county law makers have urged residents to second their immediate move of collecting signatures to send Mama Ngilu parking after she has clearly clarified that she cannot deliver.

Alex Wambua, Kyome/Thaana ward Representative told Ngilu Kituians want water, maji,kiw’u.

“It perturbs to see women walking for hours in search for water yet the docket is devolved,” Wambua wondered

Mca Alex Wambua

According to Wambua, programs like bee farming ,mango farming are unnecessary because residents are thirsty and in dire need of water emphasizing Ngilu must go home if she doesn’t deliver.

Nuu Mca, Alex Ngao commonly known as Kawaya, said Kaluki’s regime is full of lies and it is high time as Kitui leaders act to save Kitui residents from the deteriorating county.

Mca Kawaya

“We have to send Mama home. We have had enough of her gimmicks and it is high time we lead our people in the right direction,” stated Kawaya.

Nominated Mca,Munyoki Katonyi demanded Ngilu to pay workers else start her journey back home .

Nominated Mca, Munyoki Katonyi

“Ngilu does not have people’s needs at heart, enough reason to look for a better Governor who will make proper use of devolved government to witness developments at community levels,” stated Katonyi.




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