MP Mwingi Central appeals for reintroduction of School Feeding Programme

Hon Gedion Mulyungi, Mwingi central MP

Mwingi Central Mp, Gideon Mulyungi appealed to the government of Kenya to reintroduce School Feeding programme to provide both educational and health benefits to the vulnerable children, thereby increasing enrollment rates, reducing absenteeism and improving food security in schools.

“We are asking the government of Kenya through the leadership of His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta to return school feeding programme so that when the school reopen in September all the way to December there will be food provided by the government of Kenya in all primary schools”, said Mulyungi.

Speaking during a Fundraising function at Yatwa Secondary school in Nuu ward Mulyungi further expressed concerns that during drought many children in the area are unable to go to school because of hunger thus affecting school enrollment.

Following failure of  rains, residents are hardly hit by shortage of water supply as many rivers and other water sources have dried up. “The government of Kenya should provide food in the country and if not in the whole of Kenya, in Kitui and most specifically in Mwingi Central constituency where there was no rain at all”, added Mulyungi.

Everyday, countless children across the country turn up for school on an empty stomach, which makes it hard to focus on lessons. Many simply do not go as their families need them to help in fields or around the house.

Mulyungi further said that once the children have food in schools there will be increased access to and achievement in education. It will also be a strong incentive to consistently send children to school and build trust in national education systems.
The prolonged drought has led to decrease in food production and supply in Kitui County leading to food prices hike and therefore due to high poverty levels many people cannot afford food.

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