Bitter reactions from Musangi after Treasury offices were razed


Few hours after Treasury offices have been razed, Musangi has taken to various WhatsApp groups to express her disappointment in this regime….

Below are some of reactions…

*Forget the sad physical fires that keep on gutting critical offices!*


*There are worse fires in this kleptocracy!*


*Kitui is just about fire. Fire in workers salaries and allowances! Fire in all county projects! Fire in Kicotec n the Crusher! Fire in Kchic! Fire in CE n CA relations! Fire between CEC and CO Finance! Fire in the core of Ngilu Govt! Fire with the electorate. Fire of corruption! Fire of incompetence! Fire of failure. Political fire!Fire, fire everywhere! Who will save us from these fires?*


*God help Kitui!

*Thieves! Looters! Cartels! *System ya Majambazi* !


Contained the fire after achieving the intended purposeTulikosea wapi jameni😰😢.


This county needs an urgent divine intervention.



Something is totally wrong with this administration.

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I’ve said here a million times this is a kleptocracy. Corruption has gone to their bones and DNA. Kitui must rise against this kleptocracy. Enough is enough. Kitui nituminwa ni kiveti kii na looting system yake. System ya majambazi. Ngilu is now finished. She cannot give us any explanation.


Ngai wa tei niwisi nesa ki kitumi kya maundu aa oothe kwikika na timo mambee tethya county ya kitui na uimavetea mumaitha vaasa namo



Something is totally wrong with this administration.


More coming up….

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