Meet H.E Amb.Kiema Kilonzo, Ngilu’s possible replacement.


Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo is a senior Kenyan politician and a successful administrator who has already stated his interests in Kitui’s top seat come 2022.


If Kiema maintains this he will battle it out with incumbent H. E Governor Ngilu, Dr Julius Malombe among other Candidates, a horse race that is expected to shock many, Kitui residents have notified.


Kitui County has been having wrangles between the County Assembly and ‘incompetent’ poor County Executive, led by Governor Ngilu. Through the incompetence of County Executive, Kitui residents have experienced hard pains from the administration.


This has triggered the Kitui Musangi and Nzangi to think, go and appeal to Amb.Kiema Kilonzo Aka Obama wa Ukamba, to chip in and rescue his beloved Kitui people.


The top leadership of the Country has also extended its hands in endorsing for Amb.Kiema’s election as the County chief, 2022 following appeals by majority of Kitui County electorates.

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Among the satesmen offering Kiema support are the Wiper Party Leader, H.E Kalonzo Musyoka. Ngilu has been described by many as a quack, pretender, liar and a failure. (see all positions which she has ever held, either she is sacked or you hear cases of mysterious fires).


County Opinion leaders and shapers have also indicated Kiema as leader who can Revolutionise and liberate Kitui people from rotten leadership of Madam Ngilu who has brought hopelessness to not only Kitui people, but also to her close allies, whom she has abandoned and ignored totally.


Kiema is set to stage strong and unstoppable campaigns against embattled Ngilu that will leave her and her half spoonful hopeless lickers in a dust. Kitui people have had enough of poor leadership.


We are tired, kiveti kii nitukyonia, nikyatunoisye..thina uu mukwona andu ma kitui tuthina nundu wa Ngilu, nake nitumwonia, ni mundu ute maana, Kura sya Kitui twinenga Kiema wa Kilonzo, tuyinenga andu ma kuka tutamesi kwoo.” Kasyoka Mutevi from Katumbi lamented.

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