Four robbers break into Kitui FSA Bank

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Police officers from Kabati Police Station in Kakeani Location, Kitui West Sub County have launched investigation to arrest 4 robbers who broke into Kakeani FSA Bank.

According to kakeani FSA Manager, Madam Penina Mulewa, she received a call in weird hours from their bank’s watchman who informed her about the armed intruders who invaded the bank.

Mulewa immediately called for help from the nearby security officers who accompanied her to the scene, but the moment they arrived at the bank the intruders had already disappeared.

“I received a call from our watchman that unknown armed people have invaded the bank. I tried my best to call police officers for assistance,” the manager said.

The Manager confirmed that the robbers annihilated some bank properties on their entry to bank, struggled to demolish the bank’s money saver however they did not succeed.

Kakeani bank’s watchman confirmed to journalists that the robbers invaded bank by cutting the fencing wire and tied him firmly.

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“They tied me firmly on both hands and legs and commanded me to keep quiet.They then demolished the bank’s doors and entered in to steal,” the watchman told the journalists .

He said the four came out after a quick search, went to dump him on a far distance then they disappeared.

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