Meet the author of the viral poem recited by the ailing MAKUENI girl


Born in the wind ward side of the mystical Nuu hills, in the interior parts of Mwingi Central Sub County, Kitui County, 27 years ago, Francis Kaivilu aka ‘Malenga Wa Nuu’ had never imagined that he would one day save a young soul from Makueni County.

Ailing Faith Mwende Mailu, 8 years old, has been suffering from Aplastic Anaemia that has been a great threat to her life. She has touched the hearts of many on Kenyan social media by presentation of a heart moving poem penned down by the infamous ‘Malenga’.

The young man sat for his KCSE exam at Kyuso boys’ secondary school in 2011 before proceeding to Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) for a diploma course in Radio Programs Production has been writing the best ‘Mashairi’ in Kitui, having made it to the provincial levels even during his high school days.

Though the young man has never featured in the national arena as a Swahili Shairi (Poem) writer cum presenter, he has still been touching the hearts of many within and outside Kitui County through his well-crafted pieces of entertainment whenever given a chance.

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Being a trained journalist, though he’s currently relying on freelance journalism for a living, the young man used his pen, a piece of paper and his smartphone to actualize a dream which had proved hard even for the County Government of Makueni to actualize and now, the young angel is set to undergo a bone transplant in India.

In the poem, the last line in every stanza read “Mama Margaret Kenyatta nisaidie, Aplastic Anaemia yanimaliza”, roughly translated to mean; Our Mom Margaret Kenyatta help me from the pangs of Aplastic anaemia which is threatening to kill me.

For the last three years, the ailing girl has been relying on monthly blood transfusion to save her life. Her parents had hit a snag in getting the Ksh. 4 million needed as medical fee for her bone marrow transplant in India by the time of the poem.

Through the well-crafted poem which was voluntarily penned down and trained to the ailing girl by the Kitui ‘Malenga’, coupled with the great power of social media as manifested by the rate at which the video clip has gone viral: the video managed to reach top Kenya government officials whom might chip in their hand to help the young suffering soul.

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The act by the young man is a clear manifestation of how talented our youths are, and how if well supported they can change this country for better.

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