Jubilation as Mwingi residents witness drift commissioning in 45 years



Residents of Mavuni area of Nguutani ward in Mwingi west sub-county of Kitui could hardly hide their joyous faces after a drift connecting Nguutani and Migwani sub-county was commissioned by the area Mp.

Residents, drivers and motorists plying in the said route were very enlightened after completion of the drift which according to them was a main barrier in connecting Nguutani and Migwani for 45 years.

Rose Mary, a resident who has been married in the area for over twenty years now outlined how difficult it has been to move especially in cases of emergency adding the drift will bring to a close business hitches and open more business doors.

“In 2003, I experienced labor pains and could not get to hospital immediately due to bad road where at that particular time, there were heavy rains and Luli River had flooded. The only man in the village that could be of help because he owned a car could not get to my home and I suffered prolonged labor pains which saw me going through a Caesarian Section the following day after rains stopped,” recalled Rose Mary.

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In addition, Rose stated that a lot can be done if only leaders would shun corruption and focus on developing the country where most parts have not experienced any tangible developments since independence.

Mulyungi mumo, a taxi driver in Mwingi West said the road has been impassable minus the drift and transport would become easier and less frustrating.

“We have endured many years of struggle, getting stuck in the huge heaps of sand along Luli River. I urge leaders to emulate such leadership and the country will swiftly develop especially in Kityui where much developments need to be done,” Mulyungi added.

Cosmas Nzalae an entrepreneur in the area lauded good leadership pointing out the problem of road being impassable especially during rainy seasons has been tackled finally.

Muoki Musee, a boda boda operator expressed his gratitude for the drift adding more business will flow in.

Ndeng’e Ndunda, another local said during rainy seasons, motorist would pass via his shamba but he is happy now that the drift has been constructed making transport easier.

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Mwingi West Mp, Charles Nguna who launched the Ksh.8 Million encouraged other leaders to shun corruption for wananchi to get water,electricity among other developments insisting the DCI should ensure all stolen public money is returned.

“Such projects would have been completed were it not for corruption and am happy to have solved the transport hitch where motorists have had a hard time and I encourage the county government to initiate such projects for betterment of residents,” pointed out the parliamentarian.

Mwingi West Mp, Charles Nguna

In addition, Nguna told President Uhuru they are patiently waiting for tarmacking of Kibwezi,Kabati, Migwani road which will make transport easier and cheaper.




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