Government to track seed brokers over crop failure, Kitui C.C

Kitui farmers are now being involved in growing sorghum for sell

Kitui County Commissioner, John Ogendo, has send a stern warning to the brokers who have developed an habit of luring the local farmers through selling to them poor quality farm inputs.

Speaking while he was addressing farmers at Kitui Agricultural Training Centre, in kitui town on Monday, the C.C lamented massive crop failure experienced in many parts of the county due to the use of poor quality planting materials.This condition has been forcing them to rely on relief food.

C.C Ogendo said many crop farmers have been experiencing poor yields even at times when they are supposed to harvest high yields.

He added that many have suffered greatly as a result of their tendency to purchase the farm inputs from whichever dealer they come across, before verifying their planting material’s certification.

He added that the government is keen to track those corrupting the farmers that they will bring them quality certified seeds and then disappear, leaving them stranded.

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To the farmers, C.C Ogendo has urged them to buy certified seed from government recognized companies to avoid the earlier misleading by broker’s who have been playing to them hide and seek game.

The C.C said the only solution the farmers shall come out of this cage is by being keen to whom they are buying seed from to escape huge crop failure losses that has exposed many to hunger .

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