senator Kiio discloses he is under pressure to impeach Ngilu

Kitui Senator, Hon Enoch Kiio Wambua


Kitui Senator, Enock Wambua disclosed that he is under a lot of pressure to begin Governor Ngilu’s impeachment process.


Speaking at Mwingi town, Senator Kiio said he has been receiving calls from across borders of Kitui and  countless people who are pushing him to initiate impeachment process citing what has been seen so far in Ngilu’s administation is a mixture of incompetence, unwillingness and inability to manage public resources .



On July 22nd , Kitui county finance offices were gutted down by unknown fire which started at the wee hours where treasury’s county records office, director of economic and planning office among other units in finance department were burnt.


According to Senator Kiio,the Governor has a story to tell because the offices razed belonged to the executive arm of government which is headed by Governor Ngilu.



“It is not the first time fire is razing down critical offices and destroying critical documents  under her leadership. It happened in 2009 when she was Water Minister, happened last year and this year too,” said Kiio.


“I am not saying she has torched the office but this is too much coincidence, why are these fires following her wherever she is going?” wondered the Senator.


After the fire raze down, a letter purported to have originated from the office of the governor who was not in the country that particular time was widely circulated alleging they[executive] had a prime suspect who is Senator Wambua .


“I hope the letter did not come from the Governor but if it did, kitui is in deep trouble and a big challenge of leadership. Why would a senator of any county burn down offices containing documents where investigators are scrutinizing mismanagement of county funds when the said senator has been on the forefront calling for investigations into theft of public resources?” posed Kiio


The first time Senator,told Ngilu , there is a lot of pressure to begin impeachment process but he is hesitant and doesn’t want her to try him beyond limit. All he wants her to know is she has a mandate to take care of the county.


Wambua said he is getting proper briefings on whatever investigations underway and soon culprits will be arrested and if not he will mobilize people to instill citizen arrest of the suspects  adding he has talked to Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai  and he has taken the matter serious .


“We are not going to sleep until suspects are charged in a court of law,” emphasized Kiio.

In conclusion, the Senator stated that if somebody thinks/suspects the senator has a role in that fire, then he is ready to pay the ultimate price for that crime.



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