Kitui leaders want Kenya Employment Authority to step up and offer jobs to youths

mwingi west Mp, Charles Nguna addressing youths at Mbondoni within his constituency,Kitui

Kitui leaders who are members in the Kenya Young Parliamentarian Association (KYPA) have faulted the Kenya Employment Authority over high levels of youth unemployment in the country.

Speaking at Mbondoni in Mwingi West Constituency where the KYPA had organized a youth hangout, the leaders said Kenyan youths have continued to suffer acute unemployment, despite the country having formed a body and tasked it with seeking employment for Kenyan youths.

On an interview after the event, Kitui women representative, Dr. Irene Kasalu said that the Kenya Employment Authority ought to get serious by ensuring that all Kenyan youths who complete studies in different levels are given internship and employment opportunity by either the government or even the private sector.

Kitui MP,Irene Kasalu

“It is high time Kenya Employment Authority does what they have been mandated to do that is securing internships and jobs for our youths,” said Kasalu

During the hangout,youths also cried out that once a job advert is publicized, it demands a lot of experience, where fresh graduates lack, an issue that should be addressed with urgency.

Kasalu, asked employers to be lenient and create opportunities to graduates so as to attain experience.

The area MP Charles Nguna said that he was alarmed by the rate of unemployment in his constituency and urged the employment authority to put more efforts to seek employment for the youths, as public funds are being used to finance its operations.

“Youth unemployment should be declared a national disaster as70% of graduates are jobless. The authority is doing less to offer our youths job opportunities,” stated Nguna.

According to the legislator, Kenya Employment Authority should be consulting the 290 constituencies on levels of joblessness to equally distribute jobs and internships.

KYPA CEO Antony Buluma thanked the area MP for hosting the forum and called upon the National employment authority which was envisioned by the young parliamentarians to ensure that they live to the mandate it was given by collecting data and using it to solve the high unemployment among Kenyan youths.



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