NG-CDF committee official impregnates schoolgirl, tries cover-up using bursary 


There’s an uproar in a village in Kitui County after it emerged that a NG-CDF committee official defiled and impregnated a Form One schoolgirl and then attempted to cover it up by ensuring she got bursary aid for her fees.

The girl was given a bursary even though her struggling parents had not applied for it. The parents were very happy and counted themselves lucky as they were among thousands of poor parents seeking the bursary support.

It’s ironical to figure out that nothing triggered the curiosity of the parents after full amount of their daughter’s fee debt was settled miraculously .

To express their gratitude, the parents called a NG-CDF committee official, who was known to them and invited him for dinner at their home.

During the ceremony the influential NG-CDF committee member promised to ensure their daughter was awarded more bursaries in her subsequent years in school. However, their daughter was struggling to conceal a three-month-old pregnancy each passing day.

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Surprisingly the couple was shocked that their daughter was not only pregnant but the man they had hosted for dinner to thank him for supporting her education through bursary was responsible for it and that he had allegedly raped her. all. The bursary was meant for cover-up of the alleged pregnancy.

Upon her confession, the girl pointed out that the defilement occurred on the evening of December 6 last year by the suspect as she was walking home from the market. The suspect threatened her never to disclose the incident.

The parents were deeply disappointed by the realisation that their daughter had been defiled and impregnated soon after sitting her KCPE exam last year.

Upon realisation and exposure of the pregnancy, the suspect went ahead to intimidate the parents into accepting to shield the suspect from any possible prosecution.

He admitted to the girl’s parents that he was indeed responsible for the pregnancy but offered to cater for the upbringing of the child that would be born and the mother’s education.

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