Thieves clobbered senseless by mob,Mwingi



Three suspected thieves today faced the wrath of angry mob, this is after they were cornered with five stolen goats which had gone missing yesterday night at Mboru village near Mwingi town.

The five goats which have been recovered are said to be among tens of goats which have gone missing in unclear circumstances in two months, making residents suspicious that there is a theft syndicate going on.

The three middle aged men are said to have tracked down by residents to Mwingi town, where they were arrested and given a thorough beating. One of the key suspects is said to hail from Kithyoko in Machakos County and has been contracting young boys to steal commodities for him after which he would buy at a lower price.

However, the police arrived on time and rescued the three suspects alongside the five goats which had been recovered.

According to the residents, robbery and theft of goods have been on the rise at Mwingi in the recent past and their cry is to Mwingi security personnel to take control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

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Samuel Mutito, the owner the recovered goats urged Mwingi police to beef up security for the residents, because of late theft cases have gone to high and they fear that the worst is still yet to come if the situation is not arrested.



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