Sorrowful tales of street life


Have you ever imagined spending nights in the cold?

A goods number of people who have the three basic needs think it is their right to eat three meals a day, sleep in comfortable beds and put on better and fashionable clothing. Everyone wants a better and comfortable life

Unluckily, Kenya has 250,000 and 300,000 street children according to Consortium of Street Children, an international aid organization.

The reason behind the name street children is because they are homeless. They live and sleep on the streets.

Most Kenyans do not want to be associated with Chokora, as they are commonly known. They are always looked down upon, not offered any inch of love, regarded as thieves among other demoralizing views.

What many forget is that, ‘ Chokora ni watu pia’.

street children have different talents

Those in the streets are spending cold night for various reasons. In most cases, it is not their wish, but maybe, they had no choice.

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Mwingi youths extend helping hand to street families

Youths from across Kitui county who had attended National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project [NARIGP] famers sensitization forum in Mwingi town went out of their way to spend time with street families as a way of giving back to the society.

The youths,led by Alex Kamau, extended a generous hand to the vulnerable street families by offering them food, clothing and also motivational speeches.

Alex Kamau engages a street child

The main agenda for the youths was to illustrate that street children are part of society and should be well taken care of, loved and not looked down upon.

According to Mwingi street children Chair, Benson Mweu Mwalimu, the homeless youths undergo hefty challenges among them deaths resulting from Malaria and Pneumonia due lack of warm clothes especially during cold nights.

Mwingi street children chair[centre], Benson Mweu outline various threats on streets among them, death
“We lose lives resulting from different illnesses among them Pneumonia and Malaria this posing threat to our lives,” said Mweu

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Charles Kyalo, who has been on the streets for five years now also said they get thorough beatings from police especially when they are found in gambling venues and are also hunger stricken because it is rare for compassionate people to show up.

“Getting someone to give us food is hard and this makes most of us sniff gum which helps us not to feel hungry,” narrated Charles.

Joseph Vundi from Kiomo in Mwingi west sub-county who lives in Mwingi streets and a total orphan said a good number of them lack the chance to go back to school especially after parents die.

“I am always willing to go back to school but I have no one to support me that is why I am here,” Vundi said.

Mweu expressing his gratitude to Kitui youths for their helping hand also encouraged them to always give them food, donate clothes to them ,love them and also make them look clean as they are part of society too thus they will not steal.

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a street boy helps his colleague dress after a Mwingi youth donated a shirt to the vulnerable boy

Danic Mutemi, who is an official in NARIG project coordinating unit,Kitui urged the young ones to always forgive one another, help one another and also practice going to church as a way of changing their lives for better.

“Learn to forgive those who made you come to the streets and practice Christian virtues and this will truly change your lives,” advised Mutemi

Kyalo Kasoi, NARIGP project coordinator,Kitui, urged the vulnerable youths with the help of their Chair  to come together and form an Agricultural aimed group so that the county government can be of help to them by funding their agricultural proposals thus changing their lives.

“Come together and look for the project you can do, write to us a proposal and we will fund it.” Kasoi told Benson Mweu, the Chair.





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