Mwingi Mp want equitable distribution of relief food and water during census exercise


Mwingi central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has called for equitable distribution of relief food especially during the forthcoming day of census, as just like other parts in the country which have been hit by drought and famine, Kitui is facing the same.


Speaking during an interview at Mwingi town, Dr. Mulyungi said that he was privy to a plan by the national government to supply hardship areas especially areas inhabited by nomads with relief food as a way of ensuring that people in these areas avail themselves for census.


“I am aware that the government has decided to distribute relief food and water to marginalized areas in order to attract people for census,” said Mulyungi


The legislator said that no part of the country which is affected by drought should be left out from the program, and that in Kitui there are some parts which have been severely affected by food and water shortages and ought to be supplied with relief food.


“We will not accept money to be stolen in name of distributing water. Bring water and food to Kitui because it is among the marginalized and hardship areas and should not be discriminated,” pointed out the legislator


“Some women and children walk over ten kilometers to look for water, let the boozers be brought to Kitui because during the exercise the women and children will be out to looking for water,” further said the Mp


However addressing the matter, Kitui county commissioner John Ondego said that the government will be supplying relief food to many counties across the country, Kitui included.


According to the county commissioner, the program is a continuous government program targeting drought stricken area and not an enticement for people to avail themselves for census as alleged by the Mwingi central member of parliament.




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