Mwingi traders demolish structures in Road reserves


Mwingi traders have started self demolition of structures earmarked by Kenya National Highways Authority for encroaching the road reserve,Thika-Garissa Highway.

This is after KENHA gave a memo on the demolition process and deadline.

This is despite negotiation a meeting held between the Highway authority and the affected traders in early June.

The traders fear that the authority will still execute its order.

According to George Munyambu a businessman, affected trader, KENHA will go on with the demolition because they did not errase the marks from the affected buildings.

“Once KENHA marks a building for demolition they will eventually demolish because they have the mandate from the government of Kenya and their laws cannot be changed by anybody unless they get amended in parliament”, Munyambu added.

The traders further disclosed that the agreement was not formalized so there was no assurance that their buildings will not be demolished.

“I have decided to demolish the part of the building which had encroached the road reserve “, said one of the affected businessmen.

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Through a proposal by Elected leaders in the area KENHA was requested to use an alternative route to avoid the loss. An idea that seemed null and void to them.

Esther Mueni, a businesswoman whose building is encroaching the road reserve by 3metres argued that they are not even sure whether there is funds to construct the road in an alternative route other than usual route like it was agreed during the meeting.

“We have seen KENHA demolishing more valuable buildings compared to ours so the earlier we do it the better to avoid incurring greater expenses”, she added.

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