why we are in the streets, Mwingi street families

Mwingi street children


Street families living in Mwingi town, Kitui county have categorically blamed poverty for their painful current lives.

Speaking in Mwingi town majority of them cited poor livings standards as the major cause of them being on the streets, adding they are willing to go back to school if Good Samaritans volunteered to sponsor them.

Abdalla Hassan who has lived in the streets for over 20 years now and an artist, wishes to be taken to a driving school, to secure a job in order to better his life and also have a family of his own.

“I came into the streets after I was discriminated by my family members and would appreciate anyone willing to help me go to a driving school and eventually secure a job,” said Abdalla

Dennis Kimanzi wishes to be taken to a boarding school away from his friends to permanently cut the ‘bad ’company and fully focus on school work. Dennis accused his grandmother of practicing witchcraft that’s why he is spending cold nights on the streets for he claimed his grandmother doesn’t wish them well.

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Musyoka Kanini, who dropped out in class three requests to be taken to a driving school. Outlining challenges in the street, he said sleeping in the cold ,eating left overs ,getting sick while no one can take them to the hospital.

“Currently, I am sick and I have not received any medication,” said Musyoka

Vincent Kimanzi, dropped out of school after his parents failed to raise school fees and wishes to be taken to a driving school also to help his family which is poverty stricken.

Masila Nzuki,a trader requested for financial help to aid him stabilize his vegetable business.

”initially, I was helping people carry language by use of a wheelbarrow but the owner took it, now I sell vegetable but I have no means to transport them. I need some capital to stabilize my business and better my life,” narrated Masila.

Jameson Musyoki , who has studied leather work seeks assistance to start his own business lamenting his poor living standards have left him on the streets and the family is not supportive.

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Other street children are orphans where after death of their parents, they had nowhere to go but the streets.

“ I dropped out of school after my mum passed on and had nowhere to run to ,that is why I am here and wish someone rescued me out of here,” Kimanzi who is an orphan and is from Tharaka narrated.

Mwangangi Kyalo who ails from Nguni in Mwingi central needs a mechanic job and also wishes to stop using drugs and better his life.

Ishmael Kilonzi, a 16 year old decried torture from his family members finding himself on the streets.

“I am a dancer and plead with anyone with a good heart to help me live my dancing dream,” said Kilonzi.

Peter Mutemi,the group coordinator pleaded for help especially through his talent of art in order to help the rest of group too.

“I am a musician but financial constraints have really kept me down. If accorded help to record my own songs, I would ensure I help all these street children,” stated Peter

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The group chair, Benson Mweu pleaded with Kitui Governor, Kaluki Ngilu and the area Mp, Gideon Mulyungi to swiftly step in and rescue the children from the streets.

“Governor Ngilu and our area MP, Gideon Mulyungi,please hear our cry. These children are suffering out here and others are sick,”

“Anyone out there willing to help kindly lend a hand to help them for they are in dire need,” stated Benson




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