Ground too hot for rejected Ngilu

Ukambani Governors Dr. Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Charity Kaluki Ngilu (Kitui) and Prof. Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) attending South Eastern Economic Bloc (SEKEB) forum at A B.C Bomani, Machakos Town

To counter the onslaught launched by Mbaki Mbaki, the scheming Ngilu had invited Governors Mutua and Kibwana to accompany her to Kwa Vonza where she planned to relaunch a water tank and tarmac works already launched months back.

The whole idea was to hit back at Mbaki and seek people’s sympathy as the corrupt governor hoped to rekindle her dying political candle.

Sadly for her, the residents of Yatta Kwa Vonza sent a word that should she step at the ward without their MCA, then she would face it rough.

The bitter residents had vowed to boo, jeer, heckle and stone the failed politician and point out her failings without batting an eye lid.

When she got the Intel, the failed governor became mellow and reluctantly phoned Mutua and Kibwana to regret the cancellation of the fake event.

“The event is now cancelled. She doesn’t know how to handle Mbaki whose popularity has grown tenfold ever since he cut links with the corrupt Ngilu” said our source.

The laughable bit is that the projects she was to launch had already been launched but stalled. For instance the water tank ran dry only 3 weeks after its launch. We have reliably been informed that a water boozer had been dispatched to refill it in preparation for the aborted event.

“The woman is a real con. What is there to launch? She thinks we are not aware the tank at Kwa Vonza and another at Mutomo are donations but she looted KSH80m in the name of procuring the same” added another source.

Ngilu has been rejected in all corners of Kitui for runaway theft, incurable incompetence, nepotism, rent seeking and profiteering.


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