Ngilu hatukutaki, Angry Mwingi residents demand Ngilu to resign citing incompetence

Nzanze Maluki,Kyuso resident


Angry residents of Kyuso ward, Mwingi North of Kitui took to Mca’s office in protest against Governor Ngilu’s leadership which they stated that it is oppressive and regret voting her in as Kitui’s second Governor.

The residents who were complaining of being sidelined after a foreign contractor and casuals were placed in Kyuso District Hospital to conduct a construction work, stated that their area has contractors too and youths that can do the casual work.

Charles Muthui, former Councilor,said they are bitter because their children have not been considered for casual positions in the construction ongoing at the hospital adding the people Ngilu has send to spy on the projects are not the ones they voted in.

“There is a father by the name Father Kyenze who has fully indulged himself in politics misleading residents and want him to concentrate on his Fatherhood,” said Charles

Syombua, a trader at the town said Governor Ngilu has failed after what she promised to residents and has not yet delivered over two years in office.

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“ we have seen as residents of Kyuso ever since Ngilu ascended into power, poor roads, no water and now contractors and casuals have come from other oparts of Kitui to work in Kyuso while we are jobless,” lamented Syombua

Daniel Mulonzya another resident castigated Ngilu for her futile leadership which is full of blame games after her failures.

“we are aware that Ngilu blames mcas after she has failed and we want to let her know that we are aware of her scemes,” Mulonzya stated.

Mulyonzya further stated that Kitui has no Governor and devolution is meaningless to residents who are suffering direly urging residents to strategize how they will impeach the Governor if she does not resign.

Nzanze Maluki, another resident decried neglect accusing Ngilu of only working for people in Kitui Central yet she is a Governor for all, thus feeling like orphans.

“We have been left like orphans. We do not see Ngilu neither do we witness any developments,” Nzanze outlined

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Joshua Wambua, former Ngilu’s chief campaigner in Kyuso formally disowned his union with Ngilu citing lies, corruption,sidelining voters among issues.

“I have clearly witnessed that the government I fully supported that it has failed by not working with for its voter and I would like to disassociate myself with it,” Joshua, Ngilu’s  former key stated.

Joshua said as Kyuso youths, they are tired of her white lies and will nolonger offer her any support for she has done totally nothing to Kitui’s largest ward.

Rose Syunzi, a businesswoman demanded Ngilu to resign pointing out she is doomed and Kyuso has entirely disowned her following series of deceit regretting voting her in to frustrate them.

“We voted you in with a lot of love knowing our interests will be fully represented but you have proved otherwise, please resign,” Syunzi told Ngilu.

Kyuso Mca, Stephen Makau  lamented their bitterness stating the 21 casuals who are casuals at the construction site should have come from Kyuso saying they have given the relevant authorities seven days to recruit locals failure the work will not go on.

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Makau added that they need transparency warning Ngilu of her agents that are going round informing residents of how mcas are frustrating the Governor.

kyuso mca.Makau Stephen

The Mca further added that the ward,which is a sub-county headquater[Kyuso] the tax paid is larger but does not equal developments done stating they will not pay tax if developments are not done.

Efforts to contact Governor Ngilu, her Deouty and Health CO were futile as calls went unanswered and messages were not replied.






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