Tseikuru residents decries wanton crop destruction by Somali herders


Tseikuru residents in Kaningo area, Mwingi North Constituency are now calling upon the government to flush out Somali herders due to massive destruction of crops in the area.

“The County government should work together with the national government to make sure that the Somali herders are out of this area”, said John Kimanzi,a resident.
The residents lamented that armed marauding Somali camel herders have driven their animals into farms of farmers in the area resulting to conflict between the pastoralists and the farmers.

The residents expressed fear of a possible prolonged food shortage in the area if the camel herders are not flushed out of the area.

The residents further disclosed that dozens of families had fled their homes in neighbouring villages in fear of attack by the marauding armed camel herders.
“More than five families have been displaced by the gun wielding camel herders who have invaded the area”, said Jackson Kitheka, a resident in Kaningo area Tseikuru sub-county.

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The residents regretted and warned that unless the herders are flushed out, acts of lawlessness will persist in the area.

Kitui County commissioner John Ondego said that they are working their level best to make sure that the Somali herders are out of the area and there will be no more massive crop destruction.

Early this year, Mwingi North Member of Parliament Hon Paul Nzengu threatened to lead his constituents in flushing out the armed Somali pastoralist if the government fails to evict them.

MP Nzengu made the threats at Kisiluni area in Kyuso Sub County during a burial of a man who had been shot dead by the armed Somali camel herders.

As the conflict between the two communities persist efforts by local farmers to produce food and be food self-sufficient is in jeopardy.

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