Kitui Majority Leader dismisses new Kitui CS: You’re unfit to hold public Office

Kitui County Assembly Chambers

Kitui Majority leader Peter Kilonzo has dismissed the newly appointed Kitui County Secretary Joshua Chepchieng as unfit to hold public office.


The Majority Leader said the manner in which Mr Chepchieng was appointed by Governor Ngilu for the county top job was illegal and unprocedural.

Any appointment to that office without adhering to lthe aw as set out in that act is unlawful, an abuse of office, a mockery of justice and the people of Kitui County. It is utterly criminal and a perpetuation of impunity, a disregard of the due process and the rule of law,” said the Athi MCA.


In a hard hitting press statement, Mr Kilonzo said the appointment of a County Secretary was clearly and expressly stipulated under Section 44 of the County Government Act 2012.


“The appointment to that position must principally be competitive and the appointee subjected to vetting by the County Assembly of Kitui. Mr Chepchieng was NOT subjected to a competitive process and neither was he vetted by the County Assembly,” said the Wiper MCA.


He described the appointment of the former Kitui Central DC who hails from Bomet County as “selfish, corrupt and unfair to the sons and daughters of Kitui and other Kenyans who would wish to serve the people of Kitui in the capacity of the County Secretary”.


The appointment puts Kitui into further confusion and turmoil and pundits says Governor Ngilu did that to divert public attention from her troubles with striking workers over unpaid July salaries, and a stream of scandals that dog her government.


“This is an exercise in futility, and the appointment remains null and void; unlawful and therefore criminal; unfair and a mockery of the people of Kitui and Kenya,” declared the Majority Leader.


He said as a long serving public official, “Mr Chepchieng should never at any time perpetuate impunity, lawlessness and be an accomplice to a criminal act”.


“In fact, owing to the manner you were appointed, you are simply unfit to hold a public office for you have clearly demonstrated your mockery and inability to uphold fairness, accountability, transparency and oppeness, the due process and rule of law,” declared Mr Kilonzo.


He told him the best he can do to save his face and honour was “to realize these grave criminal acts and pack and go”


Although initially Governor Ngilu preached “Buy Kitui, Built Kitui” and took a conservative and extremist view in public affairs in the county, she has crowded her top government with officials from outside Kitui and stirred up criticism for serving alien forces but pretending to promote Kituism.


The appointment of Mr Chepchieng who is a known Ngilu buddy since his days as Kitui Central DC have stirred uproar in social media where residents have roundly condemned it.


The Ngilu administration has fallen into disrepute and condemnation from fellow leaders and members of the public over poor development performance, run away graft and cronyism in procurement of goods and services and staff employement.

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