We support BBI to provide jobs to youths in parliament, Machakos political leaders

from left, Yatta Mp, Charles Kilonzo and Machakos Dg Eng. Maliti


Machakos leaders have unchangeably supported Building Bridges Initiative pioneered by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga that aims at creating more seats at top level to curb after election violence.

Led by Yatta Member of National assembly Charles Kilonzo who has been in the front line in opposing Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mzigo Initiative, he stated that there is looming unemployment among youths and the positions created at the top will create employment to the jobless adding it is Government’s business to create employment.

Kilonzo stated that the current constitution has left out so many communities in power resulting to after election violence adding they are looking for a situation where the winner does not take it all hence the loser should also be a member of parliament for there were people supporting him/her too.

“Whenever we go into an election, it is like we are going in war. Every community ought to be represented to permanently end post election violence,” said Kilonzo.

“Losers should be included in the government also for they also had supporters and ignoring them totally despite how marginally the loose was, is unfair,” further said Charles.

Machakos Deputy Governor,Francis Maliti stated that it is through BBI that there will be no violence after elections and it will ensure they promote inclusivity and expand executive to create Prime ministers and deputy positions.

“when every community is represented, then there is peace,” said Maliti

Maliti added that those are very few positions unlike what Punguza team is saying and it would be better to adopt the initiative for it will heal the nation and provide peaceful elections.

According to the Deputy Governor,Punguza Mzigo has failed in aspects of collapsing constituencies and Deputy Governors thus Kenyans want inclusivity.

The leaders were speaking at Matuu Memorial Primary school during Yatta constituency NG-CDF Tournament where the MP promised to keep youths busy especially during holidays and intend to Change CDF laws in order to for allocation of more funds to house other talents apart from sports.

“The Yatta tournament will be conducted every August to ensure youths are busy and utilize their talents well,” pointed out Yatta MP.

Commenting on the upcoming Census exercise,Kilonzo urged those responsible to ensure court ruling is effected where civil servants should not be recruited to take part in the exercise.


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