Kora National Park to celebrate Father of Lions


Kora National Park which lies along the border between Kitui and Tana River counties reminds Kenyans of the forthcoming annual event to honor the late George Adamson, who is known by many as the father of lions for his role in conservation of lions.

The event which is set to take place on 31st August to 1st September 2019 is expecting visitors from all over the country.

According to the chief warden in the Meru conservation areas, which include; Meru National Park, Kora National Park and Mwingi game reserve Bakari Chongwa,said that the event intend to receive at least 150 visitors.

“If the number of visitors will be more than what we expect like it has always been we assure them that the ground work is set and everything is ready”,said Chongwa.

Chief warden invites all Kenyans to come and celebrate the father of lions who was a friend to the lions and met his death while protecting them.

“On this occasion we want as many Kenyans to come because the event is Kenyan,the wildlife is Kenyan and we want each and everyone to contribute towards conservation of this species”, added Chongwa.

This being the 30th annual event Kora national park assures visitors of tight security during the celebrations.
OCPD Mwingi Central Francis Wahome said that they assure the general public that measures are put in place to ensure that the whole event is covered by security.

“We have officers drawn from KWS and National police service who will be covering the entire event so let people enjoy, we shall provide security”,added Wahome, OCPD Mwingi Central.

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