We are not part of Kitui county,Tharaka residents [AUDIO]


Tharaka residents have strongly dissatisfaction of being associated with Kitui County.

According to area residents they have no single project to show courtesy of county government of Kitui. They feel they have been the government of the day has a hidden agenda.

Here is the audio, Listen 

The residents claim that they have not benefited from any of Mwingi North Development programs yet they are considered as part of Kitui County, Mwingi North Constituency.

Senator Kiio had promised to ensure that the area get network coverage through engaging network providers.

KituiOnline has learnt that to date Tharaka residents are forced to walk for at least 10 kilometers to queue in order to make phone calls.

Tunatembea kilomita mingi sana kutafuta network ya simu, maji ni balsa zaidi ya network ” Anonymous resident disclosed.

The angered residents lamented that they do not even have their own radio stations to listen to and air their grievances.

The residents now feel that time is now for Tharaka to be detached from Kitui and attached to Tharaka Nithi County


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